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Where Have I Been??!

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Where have I been?

Yes, it’s been pretty quiet here lately. I’d like to take this opportunity to explain why I took a break from blogging. Because I don’t want to offend others with my explanation, it will necessarily be brief, and this will be my only statement on this matter.

I was hoping to write a book made up of Paleo baking recipes. I was excited to do it, and spent 6 months compiling, testing, writing, tasting, etc. I felt like I was close to putting something wonderful together.

However, I was made aware of similarities of some recipes in the book with the work of others. I realize now that in the process of drafting, I didn’t have a system in place to ensure I did not inadvertently copy ingredient lists or directions. Please believe that I never intended for any of this to occur, and wish to very sincerely apologize to anyone who felt or feels wronged by what I did.

That being said, blogging is one of my absolute biggest passions. I needed to take some time off to figure out whether or not this was something I wanted to continue doing and sure enough, it absolutely is. With that being said, I am going to keep this first post back extremely short and sweet. I simply wanted to apologize for my hiatus and briefly go over why I’ve been missing in action. Instead of a recipe, I’ll be sharing some photos I’ve been taking of humans over the past few months… and some nature shots from Hawaii! I’ve been working very hard to build my portfolio and hope to continue maturing and improving my skill-set. Please don’t be shy, as I’d love to hear your feedback. I’m back, and I’m really excited to be back on your radars!

We spent a few weeks in Arizona for a family reunion and visited the Grand Canyon…



Spent some time at another family reunion in Canada…



I volunteered to snap some photos for my gorgeous little sister, who is a stylist at Free People



Hung out in Solana Beach with 1/2 of our wedding photography team and took some headshots…



Said “See you later” to a friend who was moving to Arizona. We decided to head to the park and do a family shoot!



A fitness photoshoot? How could I turn that down? My best friend’s boyfriend is a fitness guru and is working on building his online presence.



Drove to Julian to work on an engagement photoshoot for two close friends of mine.




…aaaaaand last but certainly not least, we went on a belated mini honeymoon to Maui and were constantly surrounded by all the greenery. My husband was my model for the whole trip. Lucky me!





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